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Blast Theory: Bloodyminded

In 2018 award-winning artists’ group Blast Theory will present the UK’s first live, interactive feature film.

Shot in one continuous take, Bloodyminded will stream live at Tyneside Cinema, as well as in cinemas across the UK and to viewers online on one night only. 

Mixing fiction with documentary, and the First World War with the present day, this groundbreaking project will take you on a moving and disturbing interactive journey that asks us to make our own decisions about the morality of war.

Shot live from an army base, Bloodyminded has been inspired by research into WW1 conscientious objectors carried out at the Imperial War Museum, and interviews with British Army veterans who generously shared their experiences of training, frontline combat, banter, bullying, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mixing fact and fiction, Bloodyminded invites you to interact via an app, responding to questions directed by a narrator who asks us to consider our own relationship with violence – as individuals and as members of a society that continues to wage war on our behalf. 

Co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW this highly ambitious film breaks new ground.

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