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Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Civil Rites

Exhibition: 8 December 2017 – 22 January 2018, open daily 11:00-17:00

Please note that the exhibition will be closed from Thursday 14 - Saturday 16 December. 

Free entry

Tyneside Cinema is proud to present our new film commission from 2017 Artist in Residence Andrea Luka Zimmerman, made in Newcastle with local residents.

Taking as a starting point Martin Luther King’s 1967 speech, given on receipt of his honorary doctorate, from the University of Newcastle, Civil Rites explores how the core themes of poverty, racism and war continue to haunt our lives.

It listens to the voices of Newcastle citizens as they think through their responses to these themes, and locates these voices in dialogue with key sites of resistance from across the Tyneside region and across the centuries. It seeks to learn what has changed (or not) in the lives of people in Newcastle today.

Each location in Civil Rites is filmed in a single fixed shot, and the whole sequence moves from dawn to dusk across the city. Each image takes in the found life of the location at a particular moment, without staging or planned intervention. Accompanying alternate images are edited responses from more than two dozen interviews conducted with older and recently arrived residents, housed and un-housed, community organisers, passers-by, educators and others.

Find out more about our Artist in Residence, Andrea Luka Zimmerman right here.

Civil Rites Demonstration Posters and Games

As part of the Civil Rites exhibition, Andrea has created a display of Demonstration Posters from the 1970s and 1980s, loaned to us from the collection of Penny Remfry, an activist in the women's liberation movement at the time.

The display also includes the "Roots and Bootstraps" game from the 1980s. This was developed as part of a series of games to help working class people to recognise that their place in society was to with how society was structured not personal failure. The game has been loaned to us by Feminist and Anti-racist activist Pat Garrett.

There are also a collection of blank protest signs which we encourage you to write your thoughts and feelings on Civil Rites, the display and the themes of poverty, racism and war.

The posters, game and sign will be on display in The Gallery foyer throughout the exhibition run.

Civil Rites Panel Discussion

The Civil Rites Preview featured a panel discussion with artist Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Chandi Chopra, Pat Garrett, Rosie Lewis, Gailen Manuel, Roweena Russell and Paul Barry, with Chair Theresa Easton. 

Find out more here.

Civil Rites Guided Walk 

As part of the Civil Rites programme, Pat Garrett and Rosie Lewis facilitated a guided walk around Newcastle city centre activist hotspots over the last 40 years on Saturday 9 December.

To find out more about the walk and listen to a recording of the tour, please click here.

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