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Rise Up: Ending Racism, Poverty and War

Join us for a special programme of visual art, film and events in response to the 50 year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s 1967 visit to Newcastle where he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Newcastle University. Each day, the programme is dedicated to one of the three evils facing society that King spoke of in his acceptance speech; racism, poverty and war.

Thursday 2 November - Opening Event

We open our programme by welcoming groups of community leaders, academics and communities in the North East to think through alternatives to post-liberal society austerity that addresses the core themes of Dr King’s speech: Racism, Poverty and War.
Opening Event: A King’s Speech (PG) 19:00 – FREE

Friday 3 November - Ending Racism

Why despite the progress made since civil rights movements in countries throughout the world are people still 'judged based on the colour of their skin, rather than the content of their character?' This theme looks at how people perceive race in society, particularly people of colour and how we understand race relations since Dr Martin Luther King first accepted his honourary doctorate from Newcastle University in 1968.
Baldwin’s Nigger + Panel Discussion (15) 18:00
The Hard Stop (15) 20:30

Saturday 4 November - Ending Poverty

The North East of England is home to some of the most deprived areas of the country that have been extremely vulnerable to the cuts in public services that have taken place recently. It also has a long history of civil and workers' rights, including the struggle against poverty. This part of the programme will address these questions: Is it possible to have a truly democratic society when poverty exists, granting power to the few over the many? In what ways does poverty itself, especially class division, prevent people from achieving actual democracy? And how do we unify communities from all walks of life to eradicate poverty and achieve freedom for all?
Ending Poverty Panel Discussion (15tbc) 16:00 - FREE
Something Better To Come (15) 18:00

Sunday 5 November - Ending War

War is at the centre of many of the struggles that humanity faces today. In light of Dr Martin Luther King's quest to create lasting peace in society how do we prevent and mitigate acts of war that take place at a local, national and international level? This part of the programme will look at how the problems of racism and poverty are bound to war and whether ending one helps us end another.
Taste of Cement (15) 14:00
Rise Up: Live Performance by Dr Sandra Johnston + Panel Discussion (12tbc) 16:30

Part of Freedom City 2017 – a city-wide programme marking the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. receiving an honorary degree from Newcastle University.


This season has now ended.