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The New Luminaries: Paul Thomas Anderson

After celebrating the best filmmakers of the past 80 years with The Luminaries, we now turn our attention to some of the best filmmakers of recent times with The New Luminaries.

We begin with Paul Thomas Anderson, one of the masters of modern filmmaking, who is back with his new film Phantom Thread in February, and to mark this very exciting occasion we are bringing back a selection of some of his finest films to date.

These special screenings will each be presented on 35mm film, giving a unique chance to see his sprawling cinematic epics the way the director intended.

Over the coming months we will feature a season of films of each director, showcasing why they have become known as some of the modern masters of movie-making as well as screening their latest releases.

Coming Soon:
February: Guillermo Del Toro 

March: Wes Anderson

This season has now ended.