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The New Luminaries: Jane Campion

Our June Luminary is Jane Campion, the critically acclaimed filmmaker who has ushered in a new wave of feminist cinema. Not only is Campion one of only five women ever to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director, but she is also the only female filmmaker to receive the Palme d'Or. 

The Piano (15)
Starts Friday 15 June

In The Cut (35mm Screening + Illustrated Talk) (18)
Saturday 23 June, 13:30 

Sweetie (15)
Wednesday 27 June, 18:00

An Angel At My Table (35mm Screening) (15)
Sunday 1 July, 14:30

Two Friends + Early Shorts (PG)
Saturday 7 July, 17:30

Holy Smoke (35mm Screening) (18)
Wednesday 11 July, 20:30

Portrait of a Lady (35mm Screening) (12)
Sunday 22 July, 15:00

Bright Star (35mm Screening) (15)
Saturday 28 July, 15:00

This season has now ended.