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The Luminaries: Ingmar Bergman

The Luminaries programme closes with a season of films from Swedish director, writer, and producer Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. 

Bergman strove to capture and illustrate the mystery and ecstasy of life, using cinema as an exploration of personal demons. His work often dealt with death, faith, betrayal and insanity and focused on uncomfortable truths about human nature, forcing us to confront aspects of ourselves that we shy away from. 

This eye for the essential moments of life made his work so unique and his achievements as a director unsurpassed.

Read more about Ingmar Bergman in this piece written by Geoff Andrew, commissioned by Tyneside Cinema for The Luminaries programme.

Offers and Events

Bergman Ticket Offer

Tickets for all of the films in The Luminaries: Ingmar Bergman season are a special discounted rate of £6.75 full/£5.75 concs/£4 students

This season has now ended.