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The Inner Eye

The Inner Eye – A Festival of Cinema about Life and Work in East Germany. 

The festival will take place 21-25 November and is presented by The Amber Collective in partnership with Tyneside Cinema.

Nearly 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, films from and about former East Germany are finally becoming available to audiences in the West. DEFA, the state film organization, produced over 850 feature films and countless documentaries between 1946-1990, yet East German film culture had remained terra incognita for the Western public during the existence of the GDR.

To run in conjunction with the exhibition ‘The Inner Eye – Aspects of GDR Documentary Photography’ at Side Gallery, Amber Films and curator Jan Sobotka have put together a series of films rarely, if ever, seen in the UK. These range from documentaries about photographers to poetic shorts to dramatic feature films. Together they provide a fascinating insight into the world behind the Iron Curtain and how filmmakers and photographers have reflected it.

Offers and Events

This season has now ended.