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Come and See


Delve into the incredible story of the Tyneside Cinema with this wonderful book by acclaimed writer Michael Chaplin.

You can pick up a copy of Come and See from the Tyneside Cinema Box Office for just £5.99.

About the book

Michael Chaplin is an acclaimed writer for stage and television and radio. The son of novelist Sid Chaplin, Mike was brought up in the North East and had his first experience of the Tyneside with his then girlfriend and now wife Susan in 1968 when he came to see Jacques Feyder’s La Kermesse Heroique.

Author Michael Chaplin
Photo © Charles Bell

Mike writes: “The book started as a little web project, but has grown and grown, and gradually turned into an illustrated 160-page book, beautifully designed by David McClure. The reason it took off is very simple – it’s a wonderful story, but not solely a history of a building or a cultural organisation.

“This is partly because of the many remarkable people who’ve been associated with the cinema in its various guises since it opened as a News Theatre in 1937. Perhaps the daddy of them all is Dixon Scott Senior, who deserves his own place in cinema history – and not merely because he was the great-uncle of the film-making brothers Ridley and Tony Scott. The more I discovered about the life and career of the cinema’s remarkable founding father, who opened his first cinema in Jarrow in 1908, exactly 100 years before his last cinema in Pilgrim Street reopened after extensive renovation, the more I began to see that in a way this book could be a history of cinema itself, reflected through the life of one picture house in a corner of England, the experiences of the people who ran it and the other people who sat in its red seats.

“Finally, in the stories of all of these individuals – some of whose considerable lives are described in separate biographical panels scattered throughout the book – I thought it might be possible to sketch the beginnings of a social history of that place over the last century. That anyway has been my ambition.”

Delve into the incredible story of the Tyneside Cinema with this wonderful book by acclaimed writer Michael Chaplin.

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