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Posted in Cinema News on Feb 14, 2019

In the North East 21.6% of the population have a disability; 79,000 people are visually impaired and around 450,000 people have some degree of hearing loss. At Tyneside Cinema, we believe that cinema should be an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone; which is why we are continually striving to improve our offer to customers.

We are asking for your support, before 31 March, to improve our access offer for customers and raise £4,000 to provide headsets at the cinema for those who are visually impaired or hard-of-hearing.

Great care has been taken so far to create opportunities for our visually impaired or hard-of-hearing customers to participate in the visual arts, to enjoy an everyday cultural experience in a supportive, friendly and social environment. But we must do more to ensure the Tyneside Cinema is truly for everyone.

When Tyneside Cinema customer Rob Latham, lost his sight, he feared that going to the cinema with friends would no longer be something he could enjoy. With the specialist services we offer at Tyneside Cinema Rob has been able to continue to enjoy film in a whole new way; "A lot of the arts and especially the visual arts can feel off-limits to those who are visually impaired, meaning you miss out on parts of what friends, colleagues and the community are talking about. Being able to access this, means you can join in and simply enjoy film and the visual arts in a different way."

A little more about providing headsets

The headsets we want to purchase for the cinema play narration for visually impaired customers and standard film audio for hard-of-hearing customers.

We know using headsets is a choice of the customer and providing these is just one step in ensuring our cinema is open to all. Our ambition is to carry on improving our offer so that everyone can participate in the enjoyment of film. As a charity, we rely on the generous support of trusts, companies and our customers to ensure the provision of accessible screenings, which is why we’re asking for your help today.

Help us to reach our stretch target of £10,000 so we can continue to:

- Run our relaxed screenings for audiences with additional needs

- Continue our research and outreach work to understand our audiences better, their needs and preferences to create the best possible programming for them

- Run our subtitled screenings

- Contribute towards having a dedicated access coordinator at the cinema

Thank you for your support.

Terms & Conditions

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to improve our accessibility by providing headsets at the cinema for those who are visually impaired or hard-of-hearing. We need to raise £4,000 to purchase headsets and then have a stretch target of £10,000 which will be used by the charity towards running our various accessible screenings including our Access Cinema and Hard of hearing screenings, which require a number of technical resources/specialist equipment to deliver well. As the campaign develops and we get closer to our stretch target we will share more information about what the additional funding will support.

Tyneside Cinema is working with Crowdfunder to run our crowdfunding campaign and Donr to run our text to donate campaign. Both campaigns will raise money to provide headsets for the cinema. Any donations over £4,000 will be used by the charity to run our various accessible screenings including our Access Cinema and Hard of hearing screenings and improving our access offer for customers. Texts will cost your donation amount plus one standard network rate.

For more information on both organisations and the fees they charge, please go to: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/ or https://donr.com/