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Projections is a new programme of artists’ moving image at Tyneside Cinema.

Artists’ moving image is a thriving area of art practice, yet is invariably encountered only in the gallery space. We think it belongs in the cinema too - and as part of its main programme. With this in mind, across regular screenings and performance events, new commissions and artist development activities, Projections will place artists and their work at the centre of the cinema, and the cinema at the centre of artists' moving image.

Alongside a regular programme of events, Projections will support and develop the careers of artists and curators from across the world. Our regular open calls present the opportunity to test new ideas and experiment with the cinema in an expansive way, while an annual series of commissions for cinemas will take artists' work to a wide audience, and a programme of practice development initiatives offers possibilities for artistic and critical engagement, for emerging and established artists alike.

This new approach marks a shift from our previous gallery-based programme, and presents new possibilities for artists and audiences. We hope you'll join us soon.

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Tyneside Cinema is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and receives funding to support our work with artists.

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