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Projections presents screenings and new performance work throughout the year, with all events introduced by artists, critics and curators - half of which are drawn from our regular open call for curators and artists.

What's On - Winter 2018

Who's in control? Questions of agency abound in this season's programme, whether tackled head-on in the Irish Film Institute's survey of new work Between Structure and Agency and accompanying performance, or both the subject and approach towards a particular history as in Spanish artist Dora Garcia's fantastic new feature Segunda Vez

In Fischli & Weiss' The Way Things Go (appearing as part of our first event for kids, plus workshop with Chalk, on 18 November), chance is the thing, and objects have a life of their own, while Giles Bailey's project Islanders - Version 3 denies itself the usual definition of a finished film in favour of something mutable and collaborative - and in undertitled, you're in charge!

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Adam Pugh

"What can a cinema make possible, and what might the cinema of the future look like? These are questions that artists can help us answer, and that’s what Projections is all about."

Tyneside Cinema's Creative Director of Artists’ Moving Image

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