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The Rough Cut at Tyneside Cinema

The Rough Cut is a free event for new work and work-in-progress by artists working with the moving image.

For artists, it's a useful way to share and get feedback on your work in a supportive and unthreatening environment. For everyone else, it's a chance to see interesting new films. 

Each session takes place in the Digital Lounge, a relaxed and informal space on the second floor of the cinema, and will be introduced and moderated by a guest curator. To participate, please send your work, a short synopsis and your bio and/or CV by 15th of the month to Adam Pugh: adam.pugh@tynesidecinema.co.uk

Adam Pugh

"What can a cinema make possible, and what might the cinema of the future look like? These are questions that artists can help us answer, and that’s what Projections is all about."

Tyneside Cinema's Creative Director of Artists’ Moving Image

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