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Artists' Moving Image Open Calls

New artists' moving image programmes and live events for the cinema

Half of our monthly Projections events are selected from open calls. Our biannual open call asks for proposals from curators and artists to present new moving image programmes or create live work for the cinema space. Our third call is now closed, you can see the selected events here

Live events 

We’re looking for proposals to create new performance or live events that respond to the context of the cinema in its broadest sense. Proposals might experiment with the potential of the cinema space for hosting live work by using the apparatus of screen and/or sound system, intervening in the conventional operation of a cinema screening, responding to or disrupting the dynamic of a cinema-going audience - and events may not contain any screen-based element at all. Most of all we’re interested in how artists respond to the particular cultural, social and physical space of the cinema auditorium, or the wider building and its operations.

Curatorial proposals

We invite applications from curators interested in curating and presenting an original programme as part of the Projections series. We are seeking proposals that investigate particular contemporary currents or concerns which might be articulated by artists’ moving image practice. Given the context of the series, the ability to respond meaningfully to the site of the cinema – the specific experience of viewing artists’ moving image in the cinema space – is important.

The next open call will open in Summer 2019. 

If you have any questions email Tess Denman-Cleaver (Producer, Artists' Moving Image): tess.denman-cleaver@tynesidecinema.co.uk

Adam Pugh

"What can a cinema make possible, and what might the cinema of the future look like? These are questions that artists can help us answer, and that’s what Projections is all about."

Tyneside Cinema's Creative Director of Artists’ Moving Image