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Lux Tyneside Critical Forum

A free, peer-led monthly discussion, development and support group for visual artists, curators and writers who work with the moving image. The aim of the group is to develop a new mutually supportive environment for the members in dialogue with LUX and Tyneside Cinema, as well as the other LUX-supported Critical Forum groups in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Dundee, Cornwall, Belfast and Bristol.

Over the year the group will work together with LUX and Tyneside Cinema’s support to explore the potential of peer-learning, mutual critical and material support and development. While the group is convened and supported by LUX and Tyneside Cinema, it is run by and for its members on a collective basis, and thus demands a degree of collective commitment from group members.

The forum is intended for artists, writers and curators who work with the moving image as part of their practice who are no longer in full-time education, and willing to commit to the group as a participant for the next six months. The first meeting, introduced by LUX Director Benjamin Cook, was on Wednesday 13 June. The group will now work together for six months and is now closed.

Adam Pugh

"What can a cinema make possible, and what might the cinema of the future look like? These are questions that artists can help us answer, and that’s what Projections is all about."

Tyneside Cinema's Creative Director of Artists’ Moving Image