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Projections NE Commission

Each year we will commission at least one artist based in the North East to undertake one of our annual moving image commissions. The selected artist receives a budget and support to make a new film to be presented across the UK, as part of our programme to bring artists' work back to the cinema.

Our annual international commissions see artists' short-form films screened before features at Tyneside Cinema and partner venues across the UK. While the artists we work with could be based anywhere in the world, including the UK, we want to ensure that this is foregrounded by our situation in the North East, and that artists based here are guaranteed representation as part of the roster of commissions. With this in mind, at least one commission per year will be undertaken by an artist based in the North East of England. In 2019-19 this was drawn from an open call process and the Projections NE commission was awarded to Susie Green, working with Simon Bayliss as duo Splash Addict, to make a new music video, Big Talk. 

Making work for the very specific context of the cinema - an audience, a duration, a building, and as an intervention into a heavily prescribed format of adverts, trailers and feature - is no small challenge. But as well as setting parameters in this way, the conditions imposed by cinema offer many creative possibilities. 

Susie Green will launch her new film with Simon Bayliss, alongside the other Projections commission artists, on February 22nd at a special event that is free to all.