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Visitor Policies

We hope that your visit to Tyneside Cinema, Tyneside Bar Cafe and Vicolo will be a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Like other venues and businesses, we have a range of policies designed to help us provide a great experience for our customers as well as adhering to relevant rules, licences and regulations. This is not an exhaustive list, but should provide some guidance on some key policies. 

Babies and very young children

Babies and very young children can only be admitted by law to films in cinemas bearing a U, PG or 12A certificate.

If a parent wishes to take a very young child into a screening or event they can, provided the certificate is appropriate (U, PG, 12A) and they must also buy a ticket for their child. We ask that customers be aware that if their baby or very young child causes a disturbance to other customers then they will be asked to leave the auditorium and their tickets will not be refundable. 

We do have a specific programme called Bringing in Baby (BIB) which is designed especially for the parents and carers of young babies.

Bringing In Baby is a free-to-join club.This means that we are able to screen carefully selected films rated as 15, alongside the existing film programme rated U, PG and 12A.

You don't need to be a member of our Bringing In Baby club to attend screenings rated 12A, PG or U - but you must still have a baby aged 2 or under if you wish to attend. If you wish to attend a Bringing In Baby screening of a film rated 15, then you will need to become a Bringing In Baby member.

Please note that even if a film is being shown as part of Bringing In Baby, if it is a 15 or 18 certificate, babies cannot enter any other screenings of that film. 

Children's Film Club

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults and over 15s are only admitted when accompanying a child.

Discounted and concessionary tickets 

Photographic proof of eligibility may be required for any discounted tickets such as student or senior tickets. 

Film classifications 

In accordance with our licencing agreement with Newcastle City Council, all our film classification decisions are based on British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) guidelines. For further information on an individual film's rating, please ask at Box Office or visit the BBFC website.

  • U (Universal): All admitted. Suitable for ages 4 and up.
  • PG (Parental Guidance): Some scenes may be unsettling for children aged 8 or under.
  • 12A: No children under 12 can be admitted unless accompanied by an adult (18+). ID may be required
  • 15: Nobody under the age of 15 can be admitted to this film. ID may be required
  • 18: Nobody under the age of 18 can be admitted to this film. ID may be required

Proof of age

Tyneside Cinema reserves the right to ask a customer for proof of age at any time and will refuse entry to a film or event to any customer who is unable to provide a valid form of ID when challenged.

The following photographic IDs can be accepted for proof of age:

Refund policy:

For some regular and special events in Tyneside Bar Café such as 'Afternoon Tea at the Movies’ we prepare a specific menu from fresh ingredients. For these events we therefore require 48 hours’ notice to be able to offer a full refund. If there are less than 48 hours until one of these events starts we can’t offer a full refund but we can either swap your tickets for another equivalent event or offer a refund on a Tyneside Cinema gift card.

For all other events: 

If there are still over 24 hours until a performance we can offer a full refund.

If there are less than 24 hours until a performance starts we can’t offer a full refund but we can either swap your tickets for another performance or offer a refund on a Tyneside Cinema gift card.

Terms and Conditions 

Tyneside Cinema's Terms & Conditions of Sale apply.

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