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Tyneside Cinema Staff & Board of Trustees

Tyneside Cinema is a registered educational charity and company limited by guarantee. The Trustees of the charity are unpaid and give of their time freely and generously bringing to bear significant skills to support the cinema staff.



Tyneside Cinema Chief Executive

Holli Keeble - Contact Holli

Finance & Administration - 0191 227 5506

Lucy Smyth - Commercial Director - Contact Lucy

Programme - 0191 227 5523

Andrew Simpson - Director Of Film Programming - Contact Andrew 

Rachel Pronger - Film Programme Coordinator - Contact Rachel

Artists' Moving Image - 0191 2275526

Adam Pugh - Creative Director, Artists' Moving Image - Contact Adam

Tess Denman-Cleaver, Producer, Artists' Moving Image 

Learning & Participation - 0191 227 5508

Ian Fenton - Creative Director, Learning & Participation - Contact Ian 

Siobhan Finnon - Programme Producer - Contact Siobhan

Marketing & Communications - 0191 227 5517

Laura Rothwell - Director of Marketing & Communications

Lauren Wilson - Digital Marketing Executive

Kelly Enderwick - Data Manager 

Development - 0191 227 5525

Katie Searles - Development Manager - Contact Katie

Tyneside Bar Café / Vicolo - 0191 227 5522

Matthew Allen - Bar Manager - Contact Matthew

Customer Service - 0191 227 5513

Louise Bennett - Head of Events and Customer Service Contact Louise

Brogan McKenna - Customer Service Manager - Contact Brogan

Shiori Naruse - Customer Service Team Leader

Jenny Spoors - Customer Service Team Leader

Paul Murphy - Customer Service Team Leader

Technical - 0191 227 5504

Brad Atwill - Technical and Building Manager - Contact Brad

Richard Horner - Technical and Building Manager - Contact Richard

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Mike Figgis
Mike Hodges
Andrea Riseborough
Paul Smith
Neil Tennant

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Lara Devitt

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Tyneside Cinema

Lucy Armstrong (Chair)
Clare Binns
Steven Kyffin
Heather Markham
Keith Proudfoot
Tim Davies-Pugh
Nick Shottel

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Tyneside Bar Café

Tom Caulker (Chair)
Ruth Connorton
Jane Shepstone
Nick Shottel

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Please note: We receive a large number of charity requests and as such, it is not possible for us to respond to all requests. As a charity ourselves, we do sometimes have to make the difficult decision to limit the number of prizes we give out to worthy causes, much as we would like to support all requests. If you have not heard from us within a week of your request, we have been unable to help on this occasion. If you would like to discuss opportunities to work together in future, please contact Katie Searles (Development Manager) on 0191 227 5525.

Supper Club at Tyneside Bar Cafe

Fab food. Good variation and great quality. Super service and would definitely come again!

Supper Club guest, August 2017