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Who We Are

Tyneside Cinema is a registered educational charity and company limited by guarantee. The Trustees of the charity are unpaid and give of their time freely and generously bringing to bear significant skills to support the cinema staff.


Tyneside Cinema 

Chief Executive
Thomas Peutz - Contact Thomas

PA to Chief Executive and Finance Director
Rachel Brook – Contact Rachel

Holli Keeble - Head of Programme - Contact Holli
Chloe Barker - Arts Programme Producer - Contact Chloe 
Lucy Robson - Access Cinema Co-ordinator - Contact Lucy

Learning & Participation
Ian Fenton - Creative Director, Learning & Participation - Contact Ian
Roy Bearpark - Learning & Participation Manager - Contact Roy
Victoria McGowan - Learning & Participation Administrator - Contact Victoria
Taryn Edmonds - Lead Moving Image Artist
Hannah McParlin - Head of Technical, Learning & Participation
Sean McKenna - Lead Filmmaker
Alex Ayre - Filmmaker, Learning and Participation
John Barratt - Filmmaker
Ryan Peebles - Production Assistant 

Random Acts Network Centre North
Siobhan Finnon - Random Acts Programme Manager - Contact Siobhan
Fiona Hegarty - Cinema Distribution & Exhibition Manager - Contact Fiona
Monika Kasprzak - Talent Development Manager - Contact Monika 
Rebecca Orwin - Administration Assistant

Marketing & Communications
Zeinab Lenton - Head of Marketing & Communications - Contact Zeinab
Chris Claytor-Scott - Marketing Manager - Contact Chris
John Walker - Marketing & Communications Manager - Contact John
David McDonald - Box Office & Customer Data Manager - Contact David
James Smith - Publicity Assistant - Contact James
Jess Barnes - Box Office Supervisor
ELizebeth Lillycrop - Box Office Supervisor
Jennifer O'Neill - Box Office Supervisor
Lisa Newberry - Box Office Supervisor
Agata Ryniewicz-Błaszczyk Box Office Supervisor (Maternity)

Finance & Administration
Sharon Coull   Finance Director - Contact Sharon
Stacey Smith Accounts Adminsitrator - Contact Stacey
Emma Fleming Finance Assistant - Contact Emma

Phillip Scales - Head of Operations  - Contact Phillip

Hires & Events
Louise Bennett - Hires & Events Manager Contact Louise
Richard Hibbs - Assistant Hires & Events Manager - Contact Richard
Alice McGlinchey - Hires and Events Officer - Contact Alice
Ami Nisa - Hires and Events Officer - Contact Ami
Ginny Hastie - Hires and Events Assistant  - Contact Ginny

Bar Café / Vicolo
Matthew Allen - Bar Manager - Contact Matthew
Tom Adlam - Chef Manager
Steve Brough - Senior Sous Chef
Phil Boardman - Assistant Manager, Bar Cafe
Jonathan Dodd - Assistant Manager, Bar Cafe
Lucy Orton - Assistant Manager, Bar Cafe
Laura Hemy - Assistant Manager, Vicolo
Lorna Ramsey - Assistant Manager, Vicolo

Customer Service
Chris Kippax - Customer Service Manager - Contact Chris
Jenny Hunter - Deputy Customer Service Manager - Contact Jenny
Michelle Parker - Duty Customer Service Manager
Paddy Blundell - Duty Customer Service Manager
Shiori Naruse - Duty Customer Service Manager
Brogan McKenna - Duty Customer Service Manager (Maternity)

Brad Atwill - Technical Manager - Contact Brad
Rich Horner - Assistant Technical Manager - Contact Rich
John Baitey - Technician
Karl Birrane - Technician
Elise Watson - Technician
George Richardson - Technical Assistant

Box Office Assistants
Alice Blundell
Sheyda Porter
Magenta Sharp
Hope Stebbing
Sean Winnie

Customer Service Assistants
Andrew Beadling
Grace Denton
Kelsey Fairlamb
Alex Gardner
Steve Greenfield
Thomas Jackson
Alison Janes
Justin Keeper
Aidan Knowles-Levitt
James MacLellan
Wayne Madden
Jack Marley
Cliodhna Murphy
Paul Murphy
Josephine Read
Eddy Robinson
Magenta Sharp
David Spittle
Robert Stacey
Duda Valente
Sean Winnie

Bar/Cafe & Vicolo Service Assistants
Kate Bennett
Savannah Betts
Andrew Bleakley
Heather Bradshaw
Carl Bulman
Katie Cervenak
Rachel Dunne
Phoebe Friggins
Evie Gabbiadini
Maddy Glasbey
Lauren Harrison
Selim Inci
William Leng
Gary Ormston
Sheyda Porter


Mike Figgis
Mike Hodges
Andrea Riseborough
Paul Smith

Neil Tennant


Alison Clark-Jenkins
Tony Durcan
Lara Robinson


Tyneside Cinema 

Lucy Armstrong (Chair)
Murphy Cobbing (Vice Chair)
Steven Kyffin
Heather Markham
Keith Proudfoot
Andrew Silver
Helen Spencer
Hannah Underwood
Tim Davies-Pugh
Nick Shottel 

Tyneside Bar Café

Tom Caulker (Chair)
Ruth Connorton
Mark Dobson
Martin Horrocks
Keith Proudfoot
Jane Shepstone
Joanne Hannah