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At Tyneside Cinema, we recognise the tremendous mutual benefit volunteering can bring to the organisation, the individual and the local community.

Alongside success stories in improving customer service, our volunteers enrich our workforce. Our volunteer scheme is here to improve Tyneside Cinema and the experience we offer but also to help the people of the North East and to offer opportunities and support to as wide a range of people within the community as possible.

We are not currently recruiting for volunteers at Tyneside Cinema: we will update this page when we next start volunteer recruitment. 

For general enquiries or questions, please visit our Contact Us page.

For current job vacancies at Tyneside Cinema, please visit our Jobs page.

Newcastle Building Society

Our Sales Conference in The Electra was described internally as "the best so far." The success was due not only to the superb venue but to the staff who helped make it.

Sarah Clarke, Newcastle Building Society