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The astonishing true story of Argentina’s most notorious crime family who made a living off kidnapping and murder. Book tickets

Bridget is back! The world’s favourite singleton returns to the big screen, pregnant and only 50% sure who the father is. Book tickets


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Bridget Jones' Brunch (18)

  1. Alt Events

    1. 10:00

Cinderella (1950) (U)

  1. Electra

    1. 10:30 (ACCESS CINEMA: Sensory Friendly Screenings)

Captain Fantastic (15)

  1. Electra

    1. 12:20
  2. Gallery

    1. 20:10

Solaris (12A)

  1. Classic

    1. 14:15 (Tarkovsky)

The Clan (15)

  1. Roxy

    1. 14:50
  2. Gallery

    1. 17:50
Viggo Mortensen steals the show as a father whose idealistic way of raising his children comes under attack by the real world. Book tickets

Ken Loach’s triumphant Palme d’Or-winning impassioned welfare state drama, made right here in Newcastle, is a vital film for our times. Book tickets

The genius behind What We Do In The Shadows, Taika Waititi, returns to our screens with this universally praised comedy. Book tickets

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