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A moving and masterful drama that’s a major Oscar contender thanks in part to a career-best performance from Casey Affleck. Book tickets

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in this irresistible film that breathes new life into the Hollywood musical. Book tickets

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Storks (U)

  1. Electra

    1. 10:30 (ACCESS CINEMA: Relaxed Screening)

Free Newsreel shows (U)

  1. Classic

    1. 11:15

La La Land (12A)

  1. Classic

    1. 11:35
    2. 14:20
    3. 17:15
  2. Electra

    1. 20:35

Jackie (15)

  1. Electra

    1. 12:35
    2. 18:15
  2. Roxy

    1. 15:25
    2. 20:45

Singin In The Rain (U)

  1. Roxy

    1. 12:40

BOLSHOI: The Sleeping Beauty (U)

  1. Electra

    1. 15:00 (Bolshoi)

Manchester By The Sea (15)

  1. Roxy

    1. 17:45
  2. Classic

    1. 20:05

I, Daniel Blake (15)

  1. Gallery

    1. 17:55

Your Name (12A)

  1. Gallery

    1. 20:15 (Subtitled)
Martin Scorsese has been on a 28-year journey to bring this adaptation of Shusaku Endo's 1966 acclaimed novel to life. Book tickets

Natalie Portman gives a flawless performance as the beloved first lady Jackie Kennedy in Pablo Larrain’s alluring and unique portrait of the icon. Read more

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose to see the highliy anticipated sequel to one of the best British films of all time.  Book tickets

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RT @Eilidgh: @tynesidecinema Jackie. Natalie Portman? Just Fantastic. Cold, icy, human in an inhumane world. Thank you Tyneside! 20 hours ago

PREVENGE Q&A with Alice Lowe Wed 1 Feb, 18:00 21 hours ago

RT @Fearless_1957: @akamisspink @tynesidecinema @tynesidecinema @jackiefilm IMO, The ONLY place to see films #kiora 21 hours ago

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RT @galactipig: Going to @tynesidecinema to see Singin In The Rain tomorrow. So excited! 21 hours ago

RT @JoeyPo_: Beautiful camerawork and incredible performances. Natalie Portman has surely nabbed her second Oscar! @tynesidecinema https://… 21 hours ago

RT @CharityNikki: Finally got to see #LaLaLand and at the best place, @tynesidecinema. Definitely see it on the big screen if it's on your… 21 hours ago